Decision Maker Response

Sadiq Khan’s response

Nov 6, 2017 — Dear Petitioner

Thank you for the petition submitted on the website about installing free water bottle re-fill stations across the Transport for London (TfL) public transport network.

The Mayor recognises the environmental impact of plastic bottles; from the resources used and emissions produced in manufacturing them, through to the pollution they create in our waterways. That is why the Mayor’s draft London Environment Strategy has set a target to reduce food and drink related packaging waste by 20 per cent per person by 2025. The Mayor is consulting on a specific policy in the strategy on cutting plastic water bottles, which proposes to work with community partners and call on businesses to open their doors to the public to fill their water bottles. The Mayor is also keen to explore bottle deposit schemes with the Government as part of its Litter Strategy published in April 2017.

There may also be potential to provide access to free water on the TfL network. Earlier investigations found installing water stations in tube stations to be impractical in many cases, however we are considering what else TfL can do to support the Mayor’s ambitions in this area. We are also keen to explore other options with high potential to reduce single use plastic bottles with stakeholders.

Thank you again for your response, which will be considered as part of the consultation on the draft London Environment Strategy.

Yours sincerely

Public Liaison Unit
Greater London Authority

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