To the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan : stop Piccadilly Line trains at Turnham Green all day

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Stopping the Piccadilly line at Turnham Green throughout the day will improve lives for local residents. It is critical to providing a good level of service, catering to increasing demand, improving safety at the station, increasing connectivity and regenerating our high streets locally.

Over the years many reasons have been given as to why the Piccadilly line can’t stop at Turnham Green – but local campaigners have consistently refused to accept that it is impossible! The Piccadilly line already stops at the station early mornings and late nights, we believe that this can be extended throughout the day.

The distance between Hammersmith and Acton Town is 4.4km. That is the longest distance between stops on the entire Piccadilly line and more than three times longer than the average distance of 1.42km between stops. It therefore makes sense to allow trains to stop at Turnham Green all day. It also impacts millions of Londoners, causing increase of passengers in rush hour on the District Line.

It is crucial that as many of us as possible let the Mayor and Transport for London know what we think - the more people that respond the better! It is clear that thousands of residents support the Piccadilly line stopping at Turnham Green. Local residents deserve the best transport links and we will remain determined to make that a reality.

Please sign this petition and help change the lives of local people across West London and Chiswick.