The resignation of the current MPS Police Commissioner - Cressida Dick

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The explosion of stabbings and shootings on the streets of London involving young people is nothing short of a catastrophe. Not only for the victims and their families, but also for the wider London community.

The impact is such that it has been reported in the media both here and around the world. 

The current MPS Police Commissioner in her recent statement stated that this situation was not a crisis. This has led to our pouring of anger and shock, in the insensitivity of her statement. It has left the Black community feeling that the deaths of young Black Children are not of importance to the Commissioner, and she has shown her to be insensitive, and a shown lack of understanding of the impact this does have on the Community of London and especially the Black community. 

For the Black community, this is nothing short of a full-blown Crisis, that has been going on for far too long. The recent shooting of a young girl and the circumstances around it has left the Black community reeling and in fear of what is to come next.

We need a Police Commissioner who understands that more young people have been killed than any terrorist action this year and that the full resources of the Police and it's intelligence sections must be directed immediately to bring this carnage to stop.

The current Commissioner must be held accountable, and resign for her total of understanding on the impact and her insensitivity of this crisis