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TFL Take your Drivers Back from District Councils to save TAXI Trade

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RE: District Councils Taxi & Private hire Drivers demanding support from TFL to save our local Taxi Business.

Dear Sir

We are District Councils Taxi & Private Hire Drivers noticed that our business is being impacted negatively by unfair competition from TFL private hire drivers. Increasingly and alarmingly TFL PHV operator(UBER) drivers are taking our jobs.

We have requested the license provider of district councils and TFL to exercise responsibility in keeping taxi trade in district councils safe by securing and maintaining a level playing field where everyone has a fair and equal chance of succeeding.  There are average 1000 drivers work for major district councils but now more than 5000 TFL Private hire (UBER) drivers are working (illegally) in every single district council’s area and they are constantly taking our jobs.

·         We are District Councils Taxi & Private Hire Drivers demanding to Transport for London (TFL) to disable all TFL Private Hire Operator App within District Councils area. On the following grounds;


License condition: On TFL Private Hire Operator licenses it is clearly mentioned “For addresses outside Greater London, you must obtain a license from the local council" but now TFL Private Hire Vehicle Drivers are crossing the border and clearly visible everywhere and showing their location and constantly taking local jobs.

Level Playing field: District Councils Taxi Drivers are not allowed to work outside the Councils area. As a result, we drive back without jobs. TFL PHV Drivers are working and picking up customers from everywhere without any obstruction. Our drivers lose out 50% financially over TFL PHV Drivers.

Less work Opportunity:  As our work place is outside city and considerably a very much smaller geographical area we have less jobs. This is more evident after midnight when we hardly get any jobs.  TFL PHV drivers have 24/7 job opportunities from a much larger geographical area.


Furthermore, we request that you:


·        Considering new rules for companies to disable in district council area.

·         Reduction TFL PHV Driver Numbers within District Councils area.

·         Make a level playing field.


Yours faithfully,

Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

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