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Stop the ULEZ expansion to the North & South Circular

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I have started this petition opposing the proposed expansion of the ULEZ zone for light vehicles to the north & south circular for the following justifiable reasons

  • Many cars over 10 years old do have economical and efficient engines (and owners often spend a lot of money maintaining their vehicles).
  • Some older cars (pre-2006) are also iconic cult classics which will be forced to be scrapped when they are fully operational and to MOT standard (not environmentally friendly)
  • A well maintained older car which will be subject to the ULEZ charge, where as a more polluting new vehicle will not be – This is not justifiable!
  • Ultimately, making pre-2006/non-Euro compliant vehicles subject to the charge is a retrospective punishment and disproportionately affects the poorer residents and will only exacerbate the social cleansing of our city.

While many owners like myself try to walk and use public transport where possible, sometimes there is no other option but to drive our older cars (eg. doing the weekly grocery shopping with young children or taking an old fraile relative is not practical on public transport).

Also the increasing rail fares, overcrowding & unreliability of public transport only adds to the problem.

I am aware of many many residents and owners of older vehicles who are extremely angry being financially targeted and will vote accordingly in the future should the expansion go ahead.

I have started this petition in the hope that the London assembly cancel the proposed expansion, as this will be an unfair charge on less well off families who need to travel into and around London for work and other reasons but can't afford to buy a new car.  And if they do buy a newer car that could force families to take on expensive car finance deals and force them into debt.

I trust that the assembly/TFL take the above points into consideration and not expand the ULEZ to the north and south circular, or older vehicles (pre Euro standards) should also be exempt for the foreseeable future and make new vehicles meet tougher emission standards.

Yours sincerely

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