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The  lez zones the ULEZ is a blatant attempt by the government to divide the communities between rich and poor and will force a lot of struggling families off the road this breaks our basic  common law rights to travel freely without hindrance or levy (Magna Carta)the government sadiq Khan are the pollution in our cities and have no authority to enforce another tax on the people without our consent  and should stand down from Parliament for undermining our common law rights fraud by false representation fraud by abuse of position our common law right are here to protect every citizens from our tyrannical government!!! And their big pocket s


Although most people rely on the government to tell them what are the new rules or regulations these are not laws as they want you to think and need individual consent and not collective consent and finally the government is a  privatet company only interested in money your money!! and the fraud  they are committing on the people needs to be stopped  straight away (greed is harder feed than hunger!!) and these people will never be full what will they think of next a euro6 chimney tax!!! And one would ask where's all the money going??

hospitals or the older generation who fought for ths country the homeless soliders or straight out of our country ????




wheres boris gone after all the chaos he caused!!!

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