Stop Mayor Khan's ULEZ zone extension to the North & South Circular roads in London

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ULEZ Extension postponed until 25 October 2021

I have returned to full time work so apologies for my lack of updates .. To everyone who has signed my little petition , a MASSIVE Thank You !! WOW , almost 64,000 signatures  !! It appears we now have until October 2021 to fend off this ridiculous stealth tax ...if you have friends/colleagues/relations who believe in this petition , could I again please ask you to do your best to get them to sign it ?? If you can think of any other ways to protest/hamper this scheme , I urge you to carry them out . Maybe get the AA , RAC or other motoring organisations involved ? I am no professional protester & this is my one & only petition I have created so any ideas welcome !!  Lets get this up to 100,000 + !! Thanks again , John       

John Wyszomierski
3 years ago