Stop killing wildlife and damaging our health and environment with plastic grass

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Wherever you see plastic grass installed you will find evidence of a damaged ecosystem. Insects, birds and small mammals all suffer. And we suffer too.
Living grass/turf plays a vital role in absorbing heavy rainfall, capturing CO2, removing air pollutants, releasing tonnes of oxygen, lowering temperatures and maintaining biodiversity. Even the best fake grass cannot EVER do this.

It’s out of control. Currently there is no regulation to control the proliferation of plastic grass in schools, sports pitches and public spaces. This poses massive threats to the environment and to our health.

Fake grass does not even withstand flooding! Artificial football pitches have been washed away by floods in the past. And because it can’t be recycled, that’s yet more unnecessary and potentially toxic landfill.

Where industry leads the public and their gardens follow; so this dangerous trend must be regulated to prevent catastrophic environmental destruction on a national scale.

Just Say #NoToFake