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Stop building cycle lanes In London that cause traffic gridlock.

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Cycle lanes In London are causing severe traffic gridlock and Increasing the level of pollution In the capital by up to seven times they once were. Cycle lanes are only used for 2 hours per day by commuters, the rest of the day they are empty. This madness elite capture must be stopped!

Professor Robert Winston has already gone on record to state the facts that cycle lanes have resulted in Increasing the pollution level In London to over seven times the EU limit as traffic Is now gridlocked because of the removal of road space.

London Is a working city and NOT a velodrome. Buses run mostly empty due to the gridlock the cycle lanes have caused. Journey times have Increased and businesses are suffering. It's time to STOP this madness which ONLY benefits a few cyclists!

Millions of pounds of TAX payers money Is being wasted by the Mayor Of London and Transport for London on these unnecessary cycle lanes. Cyclists themselves contribute nothing to the upkeep of the road network.