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Sprinklers for high rise blocks

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Due to fire that took place, in west London on the 14th June 2017 in west London, which is now very known for the fire that took place at grenfell towers. In such a devastating And terrifying situation for those involved stretching out to their family and friends who have been affected not just emotionally, but physically and mentally. People have lost family members, friends and people involved have lost their homes. I cant begin to imagine how they feel, losing neighbors and friends, plus sentimental personal items. I  think it best to say an pretty sure that for health An safety reasons there should be sprinklers, fire hoses and to some extent fire extinguishers in high rise blocks. You need to learn from such situations like this to ensure that people's minds are put at ease and precautions are taken so that another situation like this does not occur again. I personally think it's disgusting that there was a budget of such a huge amount, yet not even a quatre of that money was spent on safety. It would not of cost £500k to ensure that proper safety precautions were set in place. That is hardly touching any of the money that was set as the budget. The news say 12 lost their lives An many more injured, when in fact we know that number is higher. Someone is at fault here. The amount of people that could get a compensation payout could be triple the amount of the budget, so in the long run where is money being saved as it's obvious that is what was done 'saving money'!! No one Should have to ever suffer in such a cruel and scary way that was witnessed by millions not due to just the media but social media. Muslim people was breaking their fast An instead of thinking about themselves, they was first to the scene risking their lives to save others. No one should ever have to fear that a situation like this might reoccur. Therefore safety sprinklers and fire hoses or fire extinguishers should be put into higher rise blocks, or any block taller than 5 storeys high. Risk assessments should be taking place in every borough to make sure that this will not happen again. It's not just down to the council to do this but as a government. The same way the community has come together to help people in need, the councils An parliament need to come together to find a solution to make sure this this does not happen again. 

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