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Sack Piccadilly Line’s Head of Operations!

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Having taken the Piccadilly Line for the past 10 years to work, home and out on leisure, I started to notice how bad the service has become.  It started getting worse and worse over the past 2 years and this year has been the worst it has ever been; 

  1. Signal failures before morning rush hour resulting in 10 minute gaps between trains. By the time, you get on a train, 4 have passed you by. You get to work an hour late. This is now happening at least every 2 days. 
  2. Track faults resulting in the line being closed ALL day. Mike Smith issued an apology on 22nd November 2017 which had no plan on how he intended to sort out the daily troubles of that line.
  3. Overcrowding on trains - We are not cattle. We are not sardines. We are human beings paying for a very expensive service.
  4. Overcrowding on platforms posing a risk to health, safety and security. Crowd control consists of shutting down all but one ticket turnstile.
  5. No staff on platforms in case of emergencies. Perhaps they are afraid of the public fury over constant delays. But still, at least one staff member should be on the platform.
  6. Staff has increasingly become rude - shouting at you to stand behind the yellow line when the platform is overcrowded and as a result, you are being pushed forward. Staff don’t bother announcing why there are delays. Staff are mute if your Oyster card isn’t working on the turnstiles, instead they will gesture you to move away and then try again. Don’t get me started on service with a smile. That would be asking far too much from these “hardworking” people
  7. Dirty old trains - if you take this line everyday, this needs no further explanation. Dare you to put your shiny new suit on those seats.

I am fed up!!!! I am an embarrassed Londoner. What must Japanese tourists think of that service? The Japanese rail bosses apologise for trains leaving 20 seconds early! Mike Smith apologises for a woeful service after 2 years. How much is he being paid to put me through this daily stress? He surely doesn’t even use this service because if he did, we wouldn’t be having these problems on an almost daily basis. If Mike Smith cannot sort this line out and doesn’t know how to, let’s get someone else who can! It’s been going on for far too long with no improvements. We’re not even in the cold winter days yet and the service is atrocious! What more when the frost starts? Can it get any worse??? I don’t want to experience it so I’m petitioning to get a new Operations Manager with a plan of how the Piccadilly Line will go back to the good, clean, reliable service it used to be. If you use this service and I have seen and heard many of you complain, take action with me. It’s time we did something about our Piccadilly Line.

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