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London's West End, centred around Soho, is the city's showcase for the world, yet it is blighted 24/7 by dozen of intimidating drug dealers who attract scarred addicts and encourage violent AntiSocial Behaviour.

The West End, centred around Soho, is famous for its theatres, restaurants, clubs and shops which attract millions of UK residents and foreign visitors annually, all of whom are vulnerable to the army of drug dealers and addicts who roam the streets screaming at each other, fighting and begging money from the unwary for their next drug hit. 

I live next to Cambridge Circus and have been working with the police and the councils from Camden and Westminster on both sides of Charing Cross Road for years to eliminate or at least reduce this problem but it only gets worse.

Myself, my wife and my 3 year old son live under constant threat, meeting dealers on our doorstep every time we step out, hiding from them in the local children's playground and sidestepping their heroin needles which they carelessly leave amid the daffodils in the local park.  Now residents are so afraid to leave their homes that they are moving out of the area; children are accosted at the local bus stops on the way to school; and employees are so frightened that they are quitting their jobs. 

Meanwhile, thousands if not millions of tourists are having their visits to London and their impressions of London ruined by this rampaging band of unsavoury characters. All of this in clear view on the streets of the country's capital.

Previous tactics by the police and councils have not worked. Something new needs to be done starting with a determination that there will be zero tolerance of drug dealing in this important central area.  Local forces having failed, it seems only a directive from the mayor's office can mobilise the authorities sufficiently to solve this problem for the benefit of the whole of London.