Police/Goverment - Start Investigating Car Thieves - It is not Petty Crime!!

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Police and the Goverment are not willing to invest any time/resource into operations to tackle Car Crime. They deem it to be petty Crime when a well cared for car goes missing but will dedicate 50 armed police if a bookies is getting robbed for £200! It is about time the police start to do what they signed up for and serve the community rather than the cooperations. 

Cressida Dick - Is catching people speeding at 5mph more important than catching people who are committing the real crimes and destroying peoples lives? When are you going to wake up and do more to stop it.

Sadiq Khan you are just as guilty if not more so. I suggest you stop nominating police to attend football matches and again get them doing what they should be doing. If you do not do anything to deter Car Thieves you are as much of a criminal as they are as they can be easily caught with more cameras and more police to investigate. 

Lets stand up to the Government and make sure our taxes are spent on protecting the people! Its our cars that are going missing not yours Sadiq. Lets change the way Police are employed to just issue tickets and make money for the establishments and lets make sure they do their job and catch real criminals but chasing leads and increasing the amount of cameras and crime filled areas instead of no U Turn Cameras or Yellow Box Cameras. There is an easy solution to this we just need this type of Crime to be taken more seriously and dedicated resource assigned to it. 

Vehicle/House Related Crime Statistics;

Only 3% of all crime ends in a conviction.

There is more than 1 million CCTV Cameras installed in the UK however crime has only reduced by 1.9%.

Police Officer's Opinion deems which level of severity the Crime is classified as, which in turn means the majority do not see Car Crime serious enough to pursuing.

1 in 5 domestic crimes was not recorded by the police, which in turn led to investigation called upon by her majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary.

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