Please help bring Baby Isaiah back into his Mummy’s care

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Baby Isaiah was removed from his mothers care on the 10th of December. Two weeks before Christmas. Social services claimed they had long term concerns around routine, saying it could potentially affect baby Isaiah in the future. In the beginning Isaiah didn’t have a set rutine he napped on demand. When Isaiah was as Around 6-7 months mother started transitioning Isaiah in to a routine, getting up with him in the morning and settling him at the same time every night. He was on the verge of consistency, a couple more weeks and he would of been set and comfortable, use to his routine. On a few occasions Destiny arrived late to the placement, as she was 2-3 hours travel time away from her family. Having to get two trains and a tram. With out financial support. She asked to be moved closer to family but was constantly moved further. Left to be isolated with out her family support network. In some ways being set up to fail. When her son was removed from her care, she was placed in a young persons semi independent home, 10-15 minutes around the corner from her close family. Something she’d been constantly asking for, something that would of prevented Destiny from arriving home late to the placement. As Destiny was also close to her twin sister and her two children. Isn’t it only normal to want your child and your sisters children to grow up together and have a strong relationship? The two hours free time wouldn’t of been an issue as such if Destiny was local to family members. Being able to visit family in the day and arrive home on time. Isn’t that what normal people do? Destiny is only allowed weekly visitation with her son, fortnightly in a contact centre and also fortnightly at the great aunts house who Isaiah is temporarily living with. Destiny wasn’t given the chance to show her full potential as a mother, if he was left in her care his at the age now where she would be getting up with him in the morning giving him breakfast and have daily routine. Isaiah was always well presented, never being seen in the same clothes on ways looking prim and clean. Him weight was always up to date and never failed to reach his milestones. His stimulation needs were always met, with his mother spoiling him with bright colourful toys. The assessment Destiny was put in were at times unfair, with the same rules that were put in place for everyone not to suit the mothers different needs. Not being allowed to feed her son in bed, but every time having to feed him in a specific chair, not allowed to walk around with him but straight away have to sit in the chair and not on the bed. Isaiah was always fed and changed on demand not being left to cry or be distressed. They claim it’s could effect Isaiah not having a set routine but could it not also affect him being isolated not seeing his family in Islington as they were living in Croydon only being allowed out two hours a day. In the sweltering heat in summer segregated to a daily two hour limit. Isaiah already missed his first Christmas with his mother, about to miss Easter, his birthday and christening is also coming up, events that can’t be organised by his own mother. please help us prevent him from ever missing another. Please help us being Isaiah home for his second Christmas. The bond Isaiah and his mother have is indescribable but him being in his great aunts consistent care is making him more familiar with her and the bond with his mother is started to deteriorate. What about when Isaiah gets old enough and he starts to understand and has all these questions the only person it will affect the most is baby Isaiah. Please bring him home before he knows what’s going on. 30 seconds out of your time to sign this petition could significantly change Destiny and Isaiahs life.