Decision Maker Response

Sadiq Khan’s response

Dec 20, 2017 — Dear Petitioner

Thank you for the petition submitted on the website setting out your concerns about road crossing times for disabled and older people.
Improving the accessibility of our city is one of the Mayor’s key priorities. We know this is vital to allow Londoners to live, enjoy, explore and work in the city freely.
In the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy, there are plans to improve the overall accessibility of London’s transport system, to make it more navigable and accessible to all. We will be working to make our streets better, improve step-free access, provide excellent customer service, and give customers the tools to plan accessible journeys. A key target is to halve the average additional time taken to make a public transport journey on the step-free network compared to the full network by 2041. We also need to concentrate on our streets, as the draft Strategy sets out the Mayor’s ambition for 80 per cent of journeys to be made by sustainable modes – public transport, walking and cycling by 2041.
We need to ensure that all Londoners can make journeys in this way; this will not only be important for us to meet this target but will ensure that everyone will experience the health benefits that more active travel can bring. Yet we know that active and sustainable ways of travelling do not always feel accessible for people with disabilities or mobility impairments. Transport for London’s (TfL) Healthy Streets Approach will make streets that are appealing places to move through and spend time for everyone, including by tackling some of the key barriers that people with disabilities face. This includes making streets easy to cross.
Pedestrian countdown has been installed at over 1,100 sites across London. It provides reassurance for pedestrians at crossings, by displaying specific information on the remaining time permitted to cross. Pedestrian countdown is proposed as part of traffic signals schemes wherever it is appropriate so the number of sites is expected to continue to increase in the next few years.
TfL is also looking at what can be done to make pedestrian crossings more accessible. This includes technological solutions, similar to the system you raised in your petition, which can detect when people with accessibility requirements need to cross. TfL has already begun discussions with transport authorities and technology companies to investigate what technology is available, and how this could be standardised to benefit disabled people across the UK. TfL has been conducting a small scale on-street trial to test a couple of solutions but at present the lack of standardisation within the industry is a barrier to wider adoption. TfL will continue to work with the industry to identify a solution.
I would like to assure you that both the Mayor and TfL are aware of the importance of making London’s streets easier to cross and work is underway to deliver a range of improvements at pedestrian crossings.
Thank you for taking the time to petition the Mayor on this important subject.
Yours sincerely,

Public Liaison Officer
Greater London Authority