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Longer Crossing Times For People With Disabilities And The Elderly In London

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As seen on many occasions by me and many people might agree with me, That people with disabilities do not have enough time to cross especially in the centre of London for example in Picadilly Circus the road does not leave sufficient time for a person with a disability to cross, which leads to people rushing to get to the other side. Especially in rush hours the many people that cross make it very difficult for people to cross.However this cannot just be for disabled people, it can also affect the elderly. I have personally seen this happen due to me living in London it has become a regular thing. I do generally help out if I see someone struggling in these circumstances.

I do have a very simple idea to solve this problem. Is to have small "Station" near the waiting button which allows a card to be scanned (Disability or Elderly card) Which identifies the user and allows them more time to cross the road. This is a very secure way of identifying if the person is not a scam.  This is also very convenient for the user as this allows them to know they are safe without no rush to cross to the other side. They will feel much safer with this implemented. I believe this is the most efficient way to introduce the idea of allowing the disabled and the elderly to cross in a much safer community.

Hopefully, you agree with me too,

Image of the idea will be provided