London Car Free Day

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The issue of air pollution in England's capital has appeared frequently on the news recently. London is the third worst capital in Europe for air quality. Every year it is estimated that 9000 people die early because of this. London is dealing with a problem that affects millions of people every single day.

The environment secretary has revealed weak plans to try and tackle the problem. The strategies will not try to minimise the main causes of the pollution leaving many worried there is no hope for an end to the dirty air. Many are also concerned that Brexit will lead to the UK falling behind on environmental strategies.

This is why I want the Mayor of London to hold a car free day across the capital in an effort to raise awareness and reduce pollution. It would have many social benefits and although the direct impact on emissions may be low, the long term effects could be pivotal in combating air pollution.

It has proven successful in cities such as Paris, and is now a weekly event in Mexico city. This is a solution with countless benefits to Londoners and moderately easy to put in place. One day can make all the difference. I am a 15 year old who wants to grow up with a capital which is clean and safe to live in. Anyone who visits should leave with an impression of London's magnificence, not it's dirty air. Please sign to make a change for the better.