Let’s Stop TfL's proposed development of the car parks at Arnos Grove Station

Let’s Stop TfL's proposed development of the car parks at Arnos Grove Station

29 October 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Daniel Anderson

What's the problem?

TfL and Grainger plc, under direction from the Mayor of London, are intending to proceed with the development of both car parks at Arnos Grove Station in a Build-to-Rent residential scheme to provide 150 new homes. Similar schemes have been proposed across other TfL station car parks, including Cockfosters and High Barnet, but this will have a detrimental impact to the locality in the following ways:
Displaced parking onto residential streets

The station car parks operate as a ‘park & ride’ facility because those using them are coming from other areas with poor public transport facilities. The development will not lead to less cars on our roads, but will simply displace parking onto nearby residential streets, necessitating a 24/7 Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), the cost of which will fall on residents and not TfL.
Increased congestion on Bowes Road

Arnos Grove Station already has a significant problem as a commuter drop-off point, the result of which is the blocking of buses seeking to enter the station forecourt and causing logjams along Bowes Road. This is likely to increase and so lead to more congestion in the area.
Bad for the environment

Many more residents will instead of paying for a 24/7 CPZ concrete over their gardens, which will lead to further drainage problems, such as flash flooding, thereby working against the environment and worsening the effect of climate change.

Housing would be unaffordable to most Enfield residents

Just 40% of the proposed development will be affordable and, even then, this will be on the Mayor’s definition of affordability, which is up to 70% higher than Enfield’s social rent levels.  These flats will therefore be unaffordable to most Enfield residents, especially the most vulnerable in the Borough. The local community cannot be expected to support developments that will do nothing to address the Borough’s lack of truly affordable housing.
Risk Arnos Grove Station's iconic status

Any development of the car parks will undermine Arnos Grove Station’s iconic Grade II Star Listed status by ruining its spacious appearance with developments on either side. 
Therefore please sign this petition to the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan calling on him to STOP TfL from proceeding with this ill-advised scheme.

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Signatures: 3,162Next Goal: 5,000
Support now