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Keep Uber off London Streets

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Following Transport for London's decision to revoke Uber's operating license, the controversial company has appealed the regulatory decision and begun to garner support.

As such, this petition aims to reassure TFL and our Mayor Sadiq Khan that the people of London support their initial decision and want to keep the company off the streets.

While some users will find the ban inconvenient, this doesn't change the fact that the company hasn't followed the law. We can't afford them to be slack in their approach to reporting criminal offences and carrying out background checks on drivers. At the scale Uber operates in, even a few years of neglect on our part could lead to real damage to people's lives.

This is exemplified by the incident earlier this year where a driver allegedly sexually assaulted a girl and nothing was reported or acted upon by Uber. This allowed the driver to strike again in a more serious incident. A response from a UK Uber executive was, 'We follow the rules' but 'on this incident we hold our hands up...we just didn’t realize when that passenger wrote in how serious it was'.

This encapsulates a company who believes they have the maturity to make important decisions but they don't understand that there is a reason we have a judicial system for situations such as this.

I would like to say that this incident is simply a blip for Uber, however, they can't seem to shake corporate malpractice. They are currently fighting to deny their drivers a basic minimum wage, have seen to be tactically using surge pricing and have been accused of widescale sexism internally.

I sincerely sympathize with the many Uber drivers who have had their jobs put in jeopardy. However, we are fortunate enough to have a wide range of alternative apps in London including Addison Lee, Gett and MyTaxi (even Lyft could be making its way to our shores in the near future).

Overall, Londoners shouldn't settle for a company that repeatedly proves their immaturity and lack of basic ethics. Help us to defend customer safety, employee equality and competitor opportunity by signing this petition. This will reassure TFL and our Mayor to uphold this ban until we see real change at this negligent company.

#DeleteUber #KeepTheBan 

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