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Justice for West London Fire Victims: a preventable tragedy

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The tragic fire that decimated Grenfell Tower last night was not a freak occurrence, but the result of the systematic neglect of the estate’s residents and their concerns. Six people have already lost their life, and with over 50 still in hospital this number is set to rise.

Despite over 10 warnings from the Grenfell Action Group from as early as 2013 that poor management and a lack of fire safety left them vulnerable, neither the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation nor the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea took any action to secure the safety of the tenants. Instead, the residents’ concerns were disregarded as "speculation" despite being presented with clear and comprehensive evidence.

Even the fire at nearby Adair Tower in North Kensington in October 2015 was not enough to force a change. There is no way that these complaints would have been ignored if made by residents in a more affluent neighbourhood.

We therefore call on the Mayor of London, the Chief Executive of the Council, and all other relevant authorities, to ensure those responsible for the poor safety standards at Grenfell are held accountable. This tragedy was entirely preventable, and unless there are repercussions for those involved, landlords will continue to exploit and endanger the economically vulnerable.

It is saddening that it has taken a tragedy of this scale to make people listen. As well as ensuring that the victims of the fire are properly cared for and compensated, we demand that action is taken to prevent this kind of catastrophe from happening again.

P.s. We have so far been unable to find contact details for the Grenfell Action Group. If anyone knows how we can get in touch with them, please let us know at: jamalij93@gmail.com