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Escalate unacceptable service of the Metropolitan Line to the London Assembly

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This is a petition for the London Assembly and Mayor of London to hold an enquiry into the poor management and performance of the TFL Metropolitan Line. This is an important petition considering the unacceptable level of this service having a direct impact on commuter distress, unsafe conditions and ultimately risking livelihoods.

In particular, the below claims are requested to be investigated:

1.       Why the operational service of the Metropolitan Line has deteriorated so significantly since October 2017?

2.       Are the skills and competencies of Metropolitan Line operations staff adequate to manage this service?

3.       Investigate whether a change of Metropolitan Line management is required and take action.

4.       Investigate whether the release of the new signalling system could be accelerated and the deployment to the Metropolitan Line is prioritised.

5.       Stop staff sending condescending tweets when the service is normal and then staff are nowhere to be seen when the service is disrupted. Consider reducing head out for these ‘social media’ staff.

6.       Encourage TFL staff (including Management) to spend time on platforms during major disruptions to appreciate passenger difficulties first-hand and to ensure their safety.

7.       Investigate whether Metropolitan Line staff are abusing the service status metrics to improve/mask the actual performance SLAs. Examples of this are; 1) Temporarily changing the status during major disruptions to split/reset overall duration of severe delays, 2) Prematurely setting the status to minor/good to reduce the duration of severe status, 3) Delaying setting the status to a lower level, 4) Assigning the incorrect status in relation to actual disruption.

8.       Investigate whether service continuity and backup plans are adequate when signal failures occur. Review how effectively these plans were followed by operational staff during major disruptions.

[Don't forget to get auto refunds for delays at https://www.reeclaim.co.uk/


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