End appalling 'anti-begging' TFL announcements

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An update from Travel for London

Thanks to everyone who's signed and shared this petition in the last couple of days, we've gained a huge amount of traction. Not only have we reached almost 15,000 signatures, we've also been featured in the Metro today!

As a result, TfL have responded, saying: 

‘We are changing our announcements to encourage people to donate to charity, rather than giving directly to those that are sleeping rough on the transport network.'

However, there's still more to do to ensure that the new announcements don't continue to use stigmatising and dehumanising language. Tacking 'please give to charity instead' on the end of the existing announcements is simply not good enough. 

Let's keep up the pressure to ensure a genuine change from TfL, and to demand a full response from Sadiq Khan on how these announcements were allowed to go ahead in the first place.

Georgia Elander
2 years ago