Decrease prices for Student Oyster Travel-cards

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Us students, being in more or less £54,538 debt due to University fees, also have to be able to afford increasing train prices, with decreasing train service.

The Zone 1-5 travel card for example has gone up twice in the year of 2018, and quite frankly speaking the service has worsened.

Theres no weekend train service on most of the lines, and we have to take replacement buses that come every 15 mins (quite often delayed to 20-25mins) and continue our service-less journey. Why are we paying £156.30 a month when 10 days out of the month we have no service? 

Travel-cards are the most convenient option for us as we often travel in rush hour, 7 days a week, and don't have time to top up every single day, so the pay-as-you-go cap is of no use for most of us. 

As students we don't all have sustainable incomes, most of us rely on student finance and minimum wage jobs. How will we be able to afford travel if prices keep going up and our loans from student finance remain the same?!

After spending every morning and evening in the next persons arm pit, and another persons toxic breath as we travel in rush hour - and miss 2 trains before squeezing on to the next - and spend weekends on replacement buses - we must now do something and have our voices heard. 

TFL and Sadiq Khan must do something about this, and I need support to prove how many people share this belief that train prices are simply unreasonable in compared to the service we receive. 

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