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Create a national house-building programme of safe and affordable homes.

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The Grenfell fire is an absolute tragedy.  The saddest thing of all is that it was entirely preventable.  The sheer negligence of all those involved amounts to criminality.  What it also shows is that we have an enormous amount of housing that is neither habitable or safe.  The people of this country have experienced enormous rises in house prices and a huge deterioration of housing quality.  Homelessness is on the rise and many of our council buildings are extremely unsafe.  Under the tenure of Boris Johnson as London Mayor, we saw a lot of construction but all were merely vanity projects like the Shard which do nothing to address the housing crisis.  This has to stop

I want the Mayor of London, Manchester, the Midlands, Liverpool, the North-East our Prime Minister and the leader of the opposition to put together a national housing programme to create modern, affordable housing funded in part or whole by the government.  On one side we have too much private housing being built which is unaffordable to most and on the other side we have council and housing association buildings that are not fit for purpose.

Please put together a program for strategic national house-building and do it now before more people lose their lives.  Thank you.

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