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Doctors to prescribe 'fresh air' at Camberwell Green

Dear all, Thank you so much for signing our petition to Sadiq Khan to clean up buses through Camberwell Green. It's very moving to read the comments left by people who have signed - all calling for urgent action. I'm writing on a weekend when London is suffering an episode of high ozone pollution. Ozone causes inflammation and exacerbates breathing problems - the lovely sunny weather unfortunately 'cooks up' ozone from the chemicals in the air at ground level. Cleaning up the buses would also help to reduce high ozone episodes like these. As well as your signatures on the site, we've collected 100s of signatures in old-school style, on paper, at street stalls in Peckham and Camberwell. This Bank Holiday Monday, we will be running a stall 'prescribing' fresh air - from 11am to 1pm, outside the Tiger pub on Camberwell Green. We'll have a portable pharmacy of coloured jars of fresh air and 'doctors' on the stall, issuing prescriptions for clean air. Come along to say hello and find out more. Even if you can't come along on Monday, please let your friends know about this petition. We'll decide in mid-June on a date to submit the petition, and every additional name makes a difference. You don't have to live in Camberwell to sign - cleaning up the buses will help health of citizens from London Bridge to Penge - and beyond! Thank you for your support, Eleanor (The photo is of people signing the petition on Bellenden Road a couple of weeks ago)

Southwark Green Party
4 years ago