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End the Tax on Emission Charges.

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The Issue

The T-Charge was introduced by the UK Government in London on Monday the 23rd of October. It’s a £10 per day charge to motorists with pre-2006 cars to drive through central London. This charge comes on top of the £11.50 Congestion Charge already in place. For many, this will accumulate to more than £100 a week if they need to come into London which creates a difficult, and expensive predicament for SMEs.

The aim of this T-Charge is to deter drivers from driving into the capital via their own transport which will then reduce air pollution levels.

The reduction of air pollution levels is something we strongly agree with, however the way in which to tackle this issue needs to be readdressed.

Air Pollution Problems

The European Union and another 174 countries signed a deal titled ‘The Paris Agreement’ whereby they committed to keeping the global average temperature increase of the planet to below 2 °C. In order to achieve this goal every aspect of how we live on earth had to be reassessed. Air Pollution and the reduction of carbon emissions was a major factor of this change.

Unfortunately, by the first week of January 2017, the UK had already breached the annual air pollution limit for the year. This included London and 74 other cities and councils nationwide who are also on target to exceed the limits.

How do the Government plan to tackle this air pollution issue in the UK?

An introduction of a scrappage scheme has been suggested. This means the motor industry and councils will offer you a sum of money to scrap your older diesel car so that you can get a new more efficient petrol or electric car. However, their offer will fall far short of the figure required to purchase a new vehicle.

As you know, the public is already feeling the pinch from inflated taxes, so it’s clear that not everyone can afford to buy a new car.

To make matters worse, in 2010 drivers were pushed by the UK government towards replacing their vehicles with diesel cars which they said, provide better economy. But those drivers who did make the change are now told they will soon face hefty surcharges to enter built-up areas. At the same time, the government’s answer has been to hand over responsibility to local councils who are expected to find more permanent ways to resolve the pollution levels.

This suggestion does little to solve the carbon pollution issue. In many cases, the environmental damage created by scrapping a car can be greater than the damage caused by current engine pollution.

Sustainable Flow's alternative solution.

We're a Virgin StartUp company called Sustainable Flow and we have technology that is scientifically proven to increase your MPG, not only making a saving on your fuel costs but it has also been proven by Halfords Autocentre to reduce your carbon emissions by up to 69.5% due to a cleaner combustion.

The technology can be installed at over 3,500 garages in the UK and it can be fitted with engines of all sizes and will greatly reduce fuel costs for all major users of vehicles and significantly reduce your carbon footprint, which is great for businesses trying to reduce their environmental impact.

The devices come with a lifetime guarantee and once installed, are on your car for life until you make a change to your new electric car in the future. You can then hand back the device to Sustainable Flow who will donate these used systems to families in developing countries. 

You will literally be helping to save the planet as you drive home.

So, why the campaign?

We believe that anyone who installs one of our devices should be exempt from the surcharge because you're taking matters into your own hands and already reducing your emissions. 

On top of the campaign, we are also pushing for more...

As the pollution problem continues to grow with no real solution in sight we feel that the government now need to show they are really serious about resolving the problem and they can do that by giving their wholehearted support to this innovative technology.

By that, we mean that they could suspend VAT on these devices and even subsidise them for drivers to ensure everyone is doing their part.

This kind of initiative would help make the product affordable to every motorist, ensuring a major assault is made on the problem.

What's our commitment if the government accepts our suggestion.

As a company, we will commit to investing some of our profits from this venture into other sustainable companies that feel deserve some additional help. We’re open to offers on how to spend a percentage of this money on worthwhile causes. Our doors are open to all suggestions on how we can improve the planet. Please email your ideas to our Partnership Director on 

Let’s collaborate ;-)



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