Ban plastic flowers from all cemeteries in the UK

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Plastic flowers represent a huge problem for the environment.

I have recently volunteered to do some litter picking at my local cemetery because after taking a walk in it a few weeks ago I noticed how much plastic of all sorts was just lying amongst the graves and under all bushes. The majority of it was old plastic flowers and bouquets that had been moved from the wind and had probably been forgotten about and got buried by a bed of leaves and mud. I would like to specify that no plastic was collected directly from any graves, but just the old plastic that was found around the cemetery. I was shocked by the amount of microplastic and plastic fiber that I found everywhere I looked. 

As time goes by and everyone is starting to become more aware of the devastating effects of plastic and microplastics on the environment and especially wildlife, I believe it is time to take action to stop this madness and perhaps ask for all the cemeteries in the UK to ban plastic flowers or decorations from being used in their premises and disposed of once their color starts fading away.

I completely understand how important it is for families to honor the memory of their loved ones by decorating their graves and I have the maximum respect for everyone who finds themselves in that situation, but I think it's time to look into more sustainable alternatives and perhaps flowers and decorations made of metal / glass could be a good compromise and a good way to keep the graves decorated and looked after, or simply we could look into our local flower shop and support them, maybe asking for the flowers not to be wrapped in plastic (the second biggest type of plastic I found was the wrapping for flower bouquets) and make our cemeteries look even more beautiful and tidy. 

I know changing our habits is never going to be easy or fun, but we must act to stop or reduce, as much as we can, issues like plastic pollution. It will only get worse for future generations if we decide to ignore it and hope for someone else to take care of it. The change starts in your household and I believe we could all be a little more conscious in our choices.