Improved Mental Health Support for Saddle Brook Public Schools

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Between December 2017 and April 2018, three young adults aged 16-20 tragically lost their lives in a struggle with mental health in Saddle Brook, two of which were current students at the high school and one alumni. The alarming, increased frequency at which this is occurring is cause for a stronger, improved, more open conversation about mental health. Let's invite the Saddle Brook Board of Education to work together with us as a community for stronger mental health services for the community. As an alumni of SBHS, a sister of a current senior at SBHS, and a member of the Saddle Brook Community, I am here to ask for your support in asking the following from the Board of Education:

1. At least 1-2 licensed psychologists in each school at all times, whose only job is to be the school's therapist. I feel that the lines of responsibility for guidance counselors are blurred, and often times students do not feel comfortable discussing their mental health with the same person they discuss their academics with.  

2. An easily accessible list of all mental health support services that are available to students who are in need.

3. An assembly to discuss the aforementioned and what the school plans to do to supply students with a strong support system.

Please sign your name in support of doing right for the children of Saddle Brook, New Jersey. Just one life is too much, so let's do everything we can to make tomorrow a better day.