Zimbabwe United Diaspora Campaigns Forum (ZUDCF) petition to SADC

Zimbabwe United Diaspora Campaigns Forum (ZUDCF) petition to SADC

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Theresa Madzingira started this petition to SADC heads of state and

We, Zimbabweans across the globe represented by over 40 organisations make this petition to Southern African Development Community (SADC)..

On the 18th of August 2019 when the SADC heads of state held their 29th summit in Arusha, Tanzania, the incoming chair Mr Joseph Magufuli declared 25th of October as a day they will collectively voice their disapproval of sanctions imposed on targeted individuals from Zimbabwe who killed, raped, abducted, maimed and tortured Zimbabwean citizens.This shocked Zimbabweans across the world as to why SADC would take sides with individuals who committed crimes against humanity. Over 30 000 families have not recovered from atrocities committed between 1983 to 2019.

We bring to the attention of SADC that by declaring 25th of October a day to free murderers, SADC has changed our narrative as Zimbabweans. SADC has become the voice of oppression and a clear platform to endorse dictatorship. Corrupt leaders and not sanctions are to blame for the economic downturn in Zimbabwe. ZANU PF as a party that harbours corrupt individuals has plundered a great nation which President Nyerere once called jewel of Africa.

We are now clear that SADC has hijacked the campaign against impunity. Individuals listed on  the sanctions list have committed heinous crimes since 1983.  Freeing them from being globally sanctioned is endorsement of their acts against humanity.We, as citizens of Zimbabwe were not consulted about the 25th of October and SADC has imposed this action on us without considering our wishes and feelings as a people. 

We are worried that SADC is protecting dictators and exposing citizens to brutality, murder, rape, and torture. Despite recent loss of life in Zimbabwe, SADC did not send a fact finding mission to assess the situation and help to support the security of Zimbabweans. This therefore confirms to us that SADC is politically aligned to liberation movements who have lost values.

We, the people of Zimbabwe and many others from Africa and the world demand that:

  • Mr Magufuli retracts the declaration of the 25th of October and          immediately send an independent fact finding mission to Zimbabwe whose mission s to meet all victims. All perpetrators of crimes of humanity are known and must stand trial in Zimbabwe
  • A road map of creating peace, justice, dialogue and reconciliation be on top of agenda for SADC.     
  • Immediate retraction of declaring 25th of October as a day to set criminals free but to show empathy to thousands of families whose relatives were killed.
  •  Stop oppressing Zimbabweans in the country by promoting oppressive laws.
  • Stop Xenophobic attacks and injustices on Zimbabweans fleeing the  oppressive regime.
  • Stop any action to support political organisations that rig elections in the  SADC region.
  • Set up credible committees to investigate crimes against humanity in Zimbabwe and all member states.

To this we attach as document evidence:

  1. Zimbabwe People's Sanctions List 2019, to be reviewed annually for  distribution to all member states.
  2. Report on Zimbabwe regime killings and rape since November 2017



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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!