Sacramento State Commencement

Sacramento State Commencement

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Sophia Esquivel started this petition to Sacramento State Adminstration and

We, the graduates of the Class of 2020 and 2021, believe we deserved to be recognized for our huge accomplishment the way we have dreamed about it since we were children. Sacramento State sent out a survey on December 2, 2020 giving us 3 options on how we would want to be celebrated, while following COVID safety regulations. I do believe many voted for the CARmencement because we were given the impression we would be able to walk across a stage. It was now stated, that we have to stay in our vehicles throughout the entire “commencement”. This is not have any of us pictured of our college graduation day. COVID has turned all of our worlds upside down and has taken many things from each one of us. Family members, friends, jobs, housing, and the rest of our college experience. All we are asking, is for the administration at Sacramento State to hear us out. We deserve to walk across a stage. We deserve to be recognized better than just a drive through campus. While the graduating classes would appreciate an in person graduation ceremony, if that is not reasonable, we are asking for the opportunity to be able to modify CARMencement so we are able to walk across a stage. There was a post on a Sacramento State facebook page and here are some of the comments that were made about this CARmencement: 

              “I hate it. Im a first generation grad and my parents have been longing for the day. I rather go virtual post in a fat screen and have my whole family at home.” 

             “What ABSOLUTE shit”

            “I would obviously prefer in person (of course not w/covid) but I don't know how the logistics of this are supposed to work. Im not going to go if my family cant come, but I also don't expect them to drive 6 hours up to Sacramento and cram themselves all into a car (thats not big enough for any of us to fit) and sit in what im sure will be terrible traffic at Sac State. At least virtually we can put it on the big screen at home and celebrate outside together” 

      “Is a sad email to read. This is my graduating semester. Originally, the CARmencement option was for just the graduated to walk and be recognized. I emailed the commencement dept and got a quick reply. They say its not safe and it must be a touch- free ceremony. Yet, some students have physical in person classes. Doesn't make sense.” 

      “I just don't get how this is what they come up with for our ceremony (a touch free ceremony) yet its still “safe” to have the gym equipment in the parking structures” 

      “I had dreams of my daughter watching me walk cross the stage, I did it all for her. Knowing that idea is now gone, im feeling depressed about it.” 

      “Honestly pissed off. As many have already commented I am a first generation graduate and the drive through is just not going to cut it. A zoom or drive through can not compare to the feeling of walking a stage. Obviously we are never going to experience that. I understand Covid is what’s at stake but damn I worked so hard to not even feel accomplished really. The stage is to me the final step in the university experience.”

      “Defined disappointed. Sacrificed so much for keeping my GPA 4.0 and dreamt about the walk ceremony. Now it feels so frustrating. Don’t have any desire to do it drive through. So unhappy”

      “it’s very upsetting when they could easily do it in the stadium and have small cohorts with the majors. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire major it could easily be cohorts of 50/100 throughout the day. We pay so much for it and so many of us are first generation college students we deserve to have our families and loved ones watch us cross the stage!”

      “If we have a truck we should at least be able to have people sit in the bed and watch us!!!!”

      “And yet, they are allowing 3000+ people go watch sports games” 

      “Me and my fiancée are both graduating and aren’t going. We live 2 hours away, we don’t want to drive that just to drive through”

There are many more students that have voiced their frustrations, however these statements reflect the majority of how the Hornet community feels. There have been many inconsistencies about what Sac State considers to be “COVID safety practices” so there graduating classes would appreciate to have a conversation on how we can be better recognized for our accomplishments.



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