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Petitioning Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully and 23 others

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones and Inspector General Lee Dean; STOP Concealing a Hate Crime & Police Misconduct


We need to remind the Sacramento Sheriff's Dept and Board of Supervisor's of California's Constitution ARTICLE 1  DECLARATION OF RIGHTS

Sacramento Sheriff's deputy, Sgt. Matt Reali, placed this citizen under a criminal threats investigation (California Penal Code Sections 422-422.1 TITLE 11.5. CRIMINAL THREATS) because the citizen had a felony complaint filed with the Sacramento Superior Court's, Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission

Sgt. Matt Reali, investigated criminal threats on behalf of the board of supervisors, superior court, county council and probation dept; Sgt. Reali, stated that "writing so many letters" was the reason for the investigation.

Reali, threatened this citizen with arrest and other repercussions. Lt. Matt Morgan, Prof. Standards Div. Chief, called this citizen and also threatened by asserting that arrest and any unfavorable facts would be aggressively used against this citizen.

Sacramento juvenile court house deputy, Sgt Ebe, got into the fray by appearing in riot gear after having three deputies surround this citizen in that court house; Sgt. Ebe, made several threats of arrest for passing out a flyer, and documents to the juvenile commission, when asked what law was being violated, Ebe state it was his law.

Four citizen complaints (Penal Code 832.5) were filed against these three. The county Inspector General, Lee Dean, under a 2007 county charter mandate stated there would be no investigation; IG Dean, is a former Sheriff's dept employee.

By supporting this petition tell the Sacramento Sheriff's and County Supervisors that no one is above the law and that we don't want a corrupt sheriff's dept.

Sheriff Scott Jones, has been unavailable for comment and won't take any phone calls or respond to emails.

County Supervisor Chair, Roberta MacGlashen, 2010-2011, played a key role in the subversion of the facts by ignoring a GC 27641, accusation against county council, Robert Ryan, Jr., for giving unsound legal advice to the superior court's juvenile commission who didn't know the Brown Act.


Please also support the education and medical rights of foster youth.



Letter to
Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully
Sacramento Sheriff's Department Internal Affairs
Executive Editor, Sacramento Bee Joyce Terhaar
and 21 others
Sacramento Superior Court's Statutory Commission Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission
Sheriff Calaveras County Gary Kuntz
Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig
State Assembly-Davis Mariko Yamada
Calaveras Board of Supervisors Tryon: Calloway: Tofanelli:Spellman: Wilinski
Calaveras Probation Chief Terri Hall
Nine members of the public, appointed for terms of four years pursuant to this section. Little Hoover Institute
Assemblymember & Commissioner; Little Hoover Commission Katcho Achadjian
Sacramento Board of Supervisors Jimmie Yee
Sacramento Board of Supervisors Don Nottoli
Sacramento Sheriff's Department Sacramento Sheriff Outreach Community Advisory Board
Probation Chief Sacramento County; Court Appointee Don L. Meyer
Sacramento County Supervisor's Council (appointee) Robert Ryan, Jr.
Deputy Executive Director, Little Hoover Commission Carole D'Elia
Sacramento Board of Supervisors Roberta MacGlashen
Assemblymember & Commissioner; Little Hoover Commission Alyson Huber
Sacramento Sheriff's Department Sheriff Scott Jones
Sacramento State Superior Court, Juvenile Presiding Judge Hon. Stacy Boulware-Eurie
Sacramento Board of Supervisors Susan Peters
Sacramento Board of Supervisors Phil Serna
Attorney General Kamala Harris
Former Sheriff John McGinness & Sheriff Scott Jones (pictured)

McGinness, had no process for the handling of criminal complaints filed against law enforcement under PC 832.5; Sheriff Jones, was groomed by McGinness.

The Calaveras probation dept and sheriff’s arrested a Honduran national foster youth from Alameda county, while in placement and charged him with three felonies; his crime was that his type don’t belong in the country. Sacramento probation was to investigate this likely hate crime, but they ditched the investigation, which was shortly falsified by a subordinate in Calaveras. The Sacramento sheriff’s and county board of supervisor's are using their elected positions to conceal these facts by refusing to investigate four penal code 832.5, complaints and a GC 27641.

Public officials using our resources and laws against us must be stopped.

The newly elected Sacramento Sheriff, Scott Jones, campaigned that the public's safety was his number one priority. Citizen's who file complaints under the penal code have a right for those complaints to be investigated. Failure to do so, would be a breach of the oath of office and a violation of state law. Further more, due to problems in the sheriff's under McGinness, the county charter included in 2007, an Inspector General to oversee the sheriffis, who is a former Sac sheriff, Lee Dean, who stated no investigation will take place.

The California statue, penal code 832.5, makes it clear that a process is in place that when citizen's complaints are filed they must be investigated and a report must be made available. The four PC 832.5 complaints involve child abuse, threats, obstruction, civil rights under color. . In addition, citizen's who file a false complaint may be subject to a perjury charge and a civil lawsuit.

Sheriff Scott Jones, this is a Call of Action to assure all complaints are duly investigated.

Elected officials are accountable to the people.

In a related matter, Sacramento county supervisor chair, Roberta MacGlashen, has received a government code 27641, accusation against the board's appointee, county council, Robert Ryan, Jr. GC 27641, should activate a board hearing to determine if enough evidence exists to warrant an investigation. Council Ryan, would have ten days to respond to that complaint. Robert Ryan, Jr., is alleged to have given the Sacramento court's juvenile justice (JJDPC) faulty legal advice where that state commission violated the Brown Act and obstructed justice.

The Sacramento Board of Supervisor's are directly responsible for council, Ryan, and IG, Lee Dean.

Supervisor Roberta MacGlashen, this is a Call of Action that all complaints and due process issues be handled transparently and legally.

Please sign the petition below to urge Sacramento county officials, to fulfill their obligations to their constituents and the law.

Please also support the education and medical rights of foster youth.