Sacramento County- Declare A Climate Emergency!

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From devastating wildfires to extreme droughts to poor air quality, we’re already feeling the effects of the climate crisis here in Sacramento. And yet it’s clear that in Sacramento County the climate crisis has never been treated as such. Even the County’s Climate Action Plan, arguably their boldest piece of climate planning, falls short. Under the Climate Action Plan, emissions have only increased. Meanwhile wildfire smoke chokes our air, oppressive heat waves force us to stay at home, and the American Lung Association continues to give Sacramento County an “F” rating due to the polluted state of our air. In the words of Governor Newsom, “If you don’t believe in climate change, come to California.” Unfortunately we’re past the point where simply believing in the climate crisis is enough. That’s why we’re demanding the following: 

  • We’re demanding that Sacramento County declare a climate emergency with the intent of reaching carbon zero by 2030
  • We’re demanding that one County Supervisor agree to author a declaration and place it on the agenda of a meeting of the supervisors by January 1, 2021.

The City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District have already declared climate emergencies, with SMUD even committing to reaching carbon zero by 2030. It's time that the County do the same.

We need your help to combat the climate crisis- please add your name today!