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Stop sex trafficking in the Sacramento massage parlor industry

Did you know that in Sacramento there are over 150 massage parlors?   Many of these have the same indicators commonly found nationwide in massage parlors with active human trafficking.  Sacramento is considered a hub for human trafficking in the U.S.  However, there is currently no regulatory or law enforcement agency mandated to routinely inspect massage parlors in the Sacramento area.

Opening Doors, Inc. is a Sacramento non- profit agency working with survivors of Human Trafficking for the last 5 years.  From 2010 to 2012, Opening Doors assisted over 70 survivors of human trafficking. We are collecting signatures to urge Sacramento City Council to make massage parlor inspection and regulation a high priority. Please join us by signing this petition to alert City Council members and County Board of Supervisors that this is a problem and a priority.   Regulation and inspection of massage parlors is needed to protect victims and our community.

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  • Sacramento City Council and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors

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