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Sack Delhi Commissioner and establish Fast Track courts for rape survivors

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Violence unleashed by Delhi police on the peaceful protesters, who were protesting the injustice to the young rape survivor in Delhi and demanding better laws to protect women of India, is truly appalling in a democratic nation. In the name of controlling the crowd, Delhi police used disproportionate and excessive force on the people, many of them women and young children, who were  protesting peacefully and non-violently. There are ample pictorial and video evidences that people, including elderly citizens, who were simply sitting on the street without any weapon or provocation were brutally attacked and lathi charged. This is a gross violation of human rights and freedom of expression granted to all citizens in our constitution. 

To add insult to the injury, Police commissioner refused to apologize for the police crackdown on the protesters in his media appearance(1 & 2). More disturbing news is the continuing physical assault, misbehaviour and foul language used by Delhi police during the crackdown and afterwards. The terrible ordeal of a mother and daughter along with 14 other women protesters at the Parliament Street Police Station(3 & 4) is truly terrifying. Women being harassed by Delhi police while the entire nation is demanding stronger laws to prevent crimes against women is utterly shocking. Another eye-witness account(5) on violence unleashed by Delhi police and RAF at India Gate shows scant disregard for people’s rights. There were no warnings issued before the unsuspecting people were attacked and mistreated by the police.

Finally, Parliament should make it a high priority in creating and passing gender-just laws to protect the rights of woman and ensure strict implementation of the laws to prevent future violence and crimes against women.

We demand that the Government of India immediately:

1. Sack Delhi police commissioner Neeraj Kumar for using disproportionate and excessive force on protesters and mismanagement of this peaceful protest. All police officials involved in Parliament Street Station be suspended immediately and an inquiry be ordered.

2. Establish Fast Track courts all over India to provide justice to all rape survivors within 100 days of FIR filed. Ensure that the FIR is filed in all rape complaints.

3. Call a Special Parliament Session to enact Gender-just Laws.

4. Ensure no more violent crackdown on the peaceful protests in future and protect the rights of the people to peacefully assemble and express their grievances against the Government.


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