Sack Andrew O'Keefe From His Position As White Ribbon Ambassador

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Andrew O'Keefe is in no way a role model for how to treat women. His recent attack on Cassie Jaye on Weekend Sunrise was so deplorable that Channel 7 removed it from their Facebook timeline after receiving a barrage of comments supporting Jaye. Channel 7 have since had a replay of this interview removed from Cassie's Facebook page, citing "copyright violations" (but it was likely embarrassment as evidence came out illustrating the hosts had lied).

Andrew O'Keefe is also a "White Ribbon Ambassador". The tagline of White Ribbon is "Prevent Men's Violence Against Women." Hypocritical much, Andrew?

It's time to sack Andrew and find someone who is willing to treat women respectfully and with humility. We're sure there are a plethora of other men suitable for this role. 

As O'Keefe says himself, "We all want to see an end to violence against women and girls. But if we want to see the change, we have to be the change. The change starts at home, with me." 

It's about time to take heed of your own advice, Andrew.