Sac Parents Want Answers

Sac Parents Want Answers

April 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Altschuler

We are SCUSD parents who want clear, direct answers from SCUSD and SCTA about why our children continue to be out of school. 

Please sign the petition to demand a public forum where SCUSD and SCTA answer our questions about this ongoing strike.

As a community of parents, we have to hold people accountable for their responsibilities toward our children, who are suffering because of this strike.  

Please read on for additional info and thanks for supporting our kids!

Hello fellow SCUSD families. 

We are now 8 days into the Strike. It’s been almost two weeks since the 40,000 children of SCUSD have been in a classroom. As parents, we deserve answers and accountability from all parties. Here is what we want to know: 

Why are the teachers still on strike?

Why can’t our kids go to school while both parties continue to negotiate? Why can’t SCTA and SCUSD work these issues out over summer or during school breaks?

All California students are guaranteed 180 days of instruction in a school year. How will our kids get the learning they are promised before June 17th? What will happen to the summer?

Equity is important to everyone. How is the strike benefiting our children and working families?

KCRA reports that average SCUSD teacher salary (not including benefits) for a 10 month contract is $83,000. In addition, SCUSD pays 100% of teachers and their families health care benefits, at a value of about $33,000 per employee. How does Sac City Unified teacher total compensation package compare to other surrounding districts now? How would SCUSD’s current offer to the teachers change that?

How does striking address SCUSD’s teacher shortage problem now and in the future, given the nationwide teacher shortage crisis?

The California State Auditior has verified that SCUSD spends more every year than it has in revenue. This “structural deficit” is currently at $26M a year.  The SCTA website on the other hand, says that “SCUSD has had budget surpluses in the last 11 out of 12 years.” How can the two parties have such different and contractionary assessments of SCUSD’s budget?

Just before the pandemic, our district was in danger of being taken over by the State because of its financial problems and put "under Receivership." Is this still the case? Will the strike help or hurt SCUSD’s financial future? 

We deserve answers to these questions from both SCUSD and SCTA representatives. We ask that you join us as parents in demanding a public forum to get information and accountability NOW!

If you want answers, too:

  • Forward this to other families.
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
  • Share on neighborhood groups and forums. 
  • Contact SCTA and your child’s teacher. Ask them to answer these questions. 

Contact your school board member and district leadership and ask them to answer these questions. 

SCUSD exists to serve our students. Teachers teach in service of our children. They are not fulfilling their commitments to our children. Our kids deserve better. 


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Signatures: 64Next Goal: 100
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