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Sac County Exec Officer Bradley Hudson, Board of Supervisors, and AC&R: Release Bandit #A501612, the dog, from AC&R and return her to Sandi York

Bandit, the dog, has been held by Animal Care & Regulation for 3 years now. Enough is enough. Bandit has demonstrated that she is not vicious or dangerous while at AC&R and therefore the County and its officials need to convene and agree to release this 8 year old dog to its elderly owner. It was an unfortunate accident. Do what is right and make the residents of Sacramento County proud. 

Letter to
Office of the County Executive County Executive Officer Bradley J. Hudson
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Don Nottoli - District 5
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Phil Serna - District 1
and 5 others
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Jimmie R. Yee - District 2
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Susan Peters - District 3
Animal Care & Regulation Director David Dickinson
Board of Supervisors Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan - District 4
Chief Deputy County Executive Robert B. Leonard
Release Bandit #A501612, the dog, from AC&R and return her to Sandi York, an elderly disabled resident of the County of Sacramento. Bandit has been held for three years and believed to be a well-behaved non-vicious family pet.

It is inconceivable that this family pet has been held this long as a result of an unfortunate accident. It is upsetting to see that her human visits her regularly and that the staff at the AC&R is aware of this and the bond that exists between this human and her beloved dog. The public consensus is that Bandit is not a vicious dog and that everything should be done by the County officials to reunite Bandit with Sandi York, and that anything short of this outcome is cruel and inhumane.

The public, in particular the residents of the County of Sacramento, is aware of this sad and touching story of Ms. York and her dog Bandit and wants the Executive Director, Bradley Hudson, and each Board of Supervisor to extend a sympathetic ear to Sandi York and work toward the release of Bandit.

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