Petition Update

934 yay! How much longer to get 1000?! Please help!

Franny Max
Montreal, Canada

Jul 19, 2012 — Why is it important to share and sign? Well, the Jewish pro-circ lobby presented Germany with a petition with 12533 signatures on Jul 12, 2012. Result? A few days later, Germany promises to MAKE A LAW guaranteeing parents the right to cut up genitals of babies (boys only though)! Ho crazy is that?

Please also take a moment to sign this:

And this:

You can use Google translate to read thee petitions if you do not read German.

Here is the link to the Jewishpress petition FOR CIRCUMCISION. See for yourselves: they were faster and more organized!


The video below shows what is entailed in forced infant circumcision. Turn up the volume!