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The listeners are not pleased with the changes that the SABC is making especially the removal of Ice Man from Planet Haaibo on Radio2000. The trend about these changes are always based on personal preferences of some managers responsible for these radio stations at the SABC. The listeners & the public have seen the attacks on some of the personalities with the likes of Robert Marawa being chased out of the SABC because of these preferences by certain managers. The listeners and the public are rejecting these changes based on the following:
- These changes must be researched based and be communicated to the public and listeners,because currently they are secretive and are vindictive.
- The Planet Haaibo show is relevant, engaging and interactive.
- Long term contracts should be issued & listeners must be informed in advance of the changes and they must be factual.
- Ice Man has an overwhelming support and listenership that's speaks to the values of Radio2000.

After obtaining signatures the petition will be submitted to senior management at the SABC & the Portfolio Committee for Communications.

From listeners and the public. #IceMan