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Saban Capital Group: Bring back Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver to Power Rangers.

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This petition is important for a number of reasons.
Firstly Jason has a lot of very loyal Fans, nearly a hundred thousand alone on Facebook, his inclusion would be sure to boost viewing rates. Nostalgia is a powerful thing and more fans of  the older series's would be sure to come back. Jason as Tommy is the longest running power ranger and has thus gathered a large following with many considering him to be the best ranger of all time. Therefore by doing this you would increase viewership for your show as well as increasing the demographic which watches the show, bringing in children but also more people from teens to their 30's, all the kids that grew up with him in green, white or red. Jason's popularity as a ranger spans over a decade , he got into the hearts of the fans and we would love to see him back. Jason has been an inspiration not only to me but a whole generation, it was his portrayal as the green ranger that made me want to take up martial arts when I was younger.
Furthermore, Jason wants to do this, he would give 100 percent to make the show a success and his experience would likely be a helpful factor on a show where so many of the cast are young. Finally, this wouldn't just create a job for Jason, but a spin off show would create a wide number of jobs for cast and crew, and therefore a number of people would benefit first hand from a spin off show being produced in times where unemployment is still high.


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