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Bring back Austin St. John for a guest appearance on "Power Rangers"

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In 1993, the "Power Rangers" franchise exploded in popularity with the debut of the original series, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers". Actor Austin St. John played Jason Lee Scott, the first Red Ranger and the original leader of the first Power Ranger team. Although Austin left the show early in the show's second season, he did return a few times to "Power Rangers": first on "Power Rangers Zeo" as the team's temporary Gold Ranger, then in "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", and finally he returned as the original Red Ranger once more in the "Power Rangers: Wild Force" episode "Forever Red". Since then, Austin St. John has not returned to "Power Rangers" and Jason's status on the show remains unclear. We, the fans, would like to see Austin make another appearance on the show as a guest star. Saban Brands knows he's one of the most popular Rangers with fans and he was voted by the fans as the best Red Ranger of all time, a title he still held as of the 2007 Power Morphicon and likely still holds today. It was reported that Saban Brands was looking for Austin for the 2014 season "Power Rangers: Super Megaforce" and it is unknown if they were able to find him, since Austin is reportedly currently overseas as a paramedic and can be difficult to get in touch with. If he doesn't appear in "Super Megaforce", it will be a disappointment to "Power Rangers" fans, since it is currently unlikely any of the four of the five surviving original cast members of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" will make an appearance for the show's anniversary season, even though Jason David Frank, the original Green Ranger, is likely to return to the show as a guest star. We, the fans, would like to see Austin St. John come back to the show as a guest star at some point as the original Mighty Morphin Red Ranger - if not on "Super Megaforce", then hopefully he can make a guest appearance for the 2015 season of "Power Rangers".

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