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Protect endangered pangolins in Malaysia!


We need your help to save one of the most mysterious and amazing mammals on the planet!

The pangolin is a scaly ant eater found in Asia and Africa. It is one of the most heavily poached wild animal today.  Pangolin conservation experts are sounding alarm bells for its extinction as reports from many parts of the world are indicating that they are becoming rare.

False assumptions about the medicinal qualities of its scales and meat are causing a huge rise in consumption in China and South East Asia. In the state of Sabah which is in Malaysia, a shocking case of illegal trafficking of pangolins was exposed.

Over 22,000 pangolins were traded in 18 months! Conservationists have been demanding that the pangolin be given Class I protection, which means no one is allowed to hunt or possess pangolins.

Right now, the Malaysian government only grants them Class II protection which means they can be hunted and killed with a permit. We need the global community to come together to convince the Malaysian government that our wildlife and tourism industry are threatened when these animals are so ruthlessly rounded up and killed.

Please sign and share this petition and be a voice for the pangolins!

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  • Director of Sabah Wildlife Department
    Sabah Wildlife Department, Malaysia (Director of Sabah Wildlife Department)

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