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"VOTES FOR SALE" Starts from April 1st 2018 , Location Karnataka, India.

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"BANDH" will be called for many issues , from "Cauvery Dispute" to an attack on a individual party worker but not for " VOTE FOR SALE". ?

We arrived at this big question when a small discussion started with a common question asked in " Whats App Chat " , whom you want to elect/replace with our next leader ?

And answer from most of them is " I don't know " followed by another question

Then you are blaming the present leader/party/system ?, discussion ends at this point.

Similarly in another Whats App Chat , a thumb rule calculation said, 

Three major political parties, 224 Constituencies, with a minimum budget of Rs.15 Crore per candidate summed up to 15*3*224=10,080 Crores,  even after demonetization period ?

Then how to earn this thousands of crores is common question raised, from- Salaries ? Party Funds ? Donations ? or earnings as explained below,

Rs.15,00,00,000.00 in 5 Years,

Rs.3,00,00,000.00 in 365 Days,

Rs.82,191.00 in day of 8 Hrs Work ?

Hope every one of us knows the answer & no action ?

The same discussions happens until the elections & results day in many of groups with various pictures , captions & explanations defending their stand,

But no action to stop this real  & actual cause of corruption ?

Hence to make the same discussion a useful subject , we decided to start an action towards this evil  by " STARTING A PETITION".

A petition " Demanding all political parties & contestents to answer " IS OUR VOTES FOR SALE ? "   & " AT WHAT PRICE ? "

Do we need to call this ,

1.Development ?

2. Budget ?

3.Electoral System ? 

4.Democratic Nation ?


We are fooling ourselves by above listed words ?

So lets call for silent protest on April 1st 2018 & spread a clear message to all political parties and our representatives that " Our Vote is not for sale" .   

Lets think this small start as a "SELFIE" of our system & make slogan " OUR VOTE IS NOT FOR SALE" as profile pic. Post/Tag this petition in FB,Tweet in twitter & support yourself in Signing this petition. So that it reach all Kannadigas & stand for this start against Corruption.

Note: We don't need a brand ambassidor or a celebrity or any media , we are brand ambassidors of our own state, Country.


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