Install flashing pedestrian lights and (raised crosswalk if possible) at Walema and Cordova Bay Road

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A Cordova Bay community is requesting that flashing lights and a raised crosswalk be installed at the corner of Cordova Bay and Walema.

Cordova Bay traffic has increased in the past years making it difficult and dangerous for people to cross at the crosswalk. An ever-increasing neighbourhood of young children use the crosswalk for school crossings. 

In addition, Walema is a popular crossing for the public beach access: Cordova Bay elementary students use this access for field trips, local seniors and others use this access as the stairs are easier to negotiate compared to Fenn. We have running groups, tourists etc. that frequently utilize this access as well. A bus stop is also located on both sides of the crosswalk.

Recently it has been observed and experienced that vehicles have either been going at such speeds that they drive through the crosswalk while children are in the crosswalk (driving on either side of them) or stopping just a few feet away from their bodies.

We have had many reports and witnessed accounts of near misses. Speeds have been witnessed excessive of 70 km/hr. Traffic accidents on the highway bring nonlocal traffic and drivers who are frustrated and impatient to bypass the highway.

It has already been brought to the attention of the transport and police department but the response has been nil. 

As our neighbourhood continues to grow with young families and public use increases as part of recreation and activity,  we ask that you support the petition for lights and a raised crosswalk at this crossing. 

Don't forget to get your significant other to sign too! :) You don't have to be a Cordova Bay resident to sign, it's a public beach access for all. 

Thank you for your support, this will potentially save lives!

Reasons why we need your support: 

  • 1. Even though pedestrians have the right of way or they are in the crosswalk itself, cars are not stopping, they are driving past the pedestrians while they are IN the crosswalk. Flashing lights would force drivers to honour pedestrian right of way.

    2. It's a blind corner and people are going so fast they drive through the crosswalk. A sign warning of a crosswalk and a more prominent 30 km sign, and flashing lights would really help.

    3.  Both school buses and public transit stop on either side of this crosswalk.

    4. Support the safety of children (Cordova Bay elementary students the K-3 use this access as well)

    5. Extra crosswalks along CB will help slow traffic to the speed they are supposed to be traveling. (Many drivers travel at speeds upwards from 50, most often 60, and easily observed 70 km/h). We have 4 points of access to the highway nearby for faster travel if needed.

    6. People tend to speed up just before the school zone heading northbound and right through the marked crosswalk (especially heading northbound).

    7.  They ignore the 30 km/h speed limit posted before the crosswalk heading northbound, they don't see the sign (located south of Fable Cottage on the East side of CB road.

    8. On the east side of CB road, there is no sidewalk leading to the crosswalk at CB elementary school, so children have to cross Walema to get to school.

    9. Encourages walking to school rather than driving for safety reasons

   10. Flashing lights are only on when pedestrians need to cross, therefor cars are required to stop (regardless of lights or otherwise by rule of law) , this just makes it safer. (no net slowing of traffic).