We Demand The District of Saanich put an end to the Saanich Tent City at Regina Park!

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It's time for The District of Saanich Council to enforce the laws and bylaws and shut down the illegal Tent City at Regina Park. In addition to shutting down the Regina Park Tent City, measures should be put in place to prevent these "cities" from setting up near any residential neighbourhood in the future.

The law-abiding-tax-paying residents of the family neighbourhood near Regina Park, have been told to be "patient" while our local government have dragged their feet and have not enforced their own notice to vacate Regina park. The notice to vacate was issued as the continuous occupation of Regina Park is point blank illegal. 

While being patient we have been forced to endure rampant drug use and criminal activity, including but not limited to:

-Drug use in plain view (also discarding of drug paraphernalia without any regard to public safety.)

-Trespassing on residential property (stealing from vehicles and properties, using hoses from properties, damaging properties, littering on properties)

- Having drugs delivered to the camp.

- Being woken up at night due to noise or altercations

- Public urination and defecation.

- Prostitution 

-Uttering threats and racial slurs at residents of the neighbourhood.

While the political activists that have organized this political stunt will argue that a tent city is safer for those within the "city", it has been at the expense of the residents of the neighbourhood. The tent city has turned a once safe neighbourhood, into one where families no longer feel safe leaving their children outside to play, being only meters away from rampant drug use and criminal activity. The tent city has also become a major fire safety issue, not complying with fire code bylaws. A combination of dry weather and reckless behaviour leave it vulnerable to an unfortunate accident that would not only cause a fire at Regina Park, but potentially at adjacent homes as well.

We who want our children to be safe and our property to still be worth something are not cold hearted and inhumane. We have worked hard for what we have, and have an obligation to take care of our families. While we can have sympathy for those less fortunate than ourselves, one simply cannot be allowed to pitch a tent wherever they want, especially in a residential neighbourhood. The rule of law should apply to all. 

While the housing crisis in BC needs to be addressed, the enabling of tent cities in residential neighbourhoods is not a suitable band-aid solution in the interim. Residents should not be required to carry this burden. Public safety for our residents should be a requirement, not a request. 

A signature on this petition, is not only to let our local and provincial governments know that you disagree with the unlawful occupation of Regina Park, but it is also to let them know that this situation is intolerable in any residential neighbourhood. Please join us, in demanding that our elected officials uphold and enforce the laws and bylaws, and return the community back to it's residents.

Please join us in demanding common sense leadership from our elected officials.