Saanich Leave Unrelated Roomers @ 4

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Saanich Council is considering amending a bylaw (zoning bylaw 2003) which would increase the legal number of unrelated occupants living in a neighbourhood home zoned 'Single Family Dwelling' from its current limit of four to six.

While we acknowledge the high cost of housing in Saanich and across the CRD in general; this motion to increase the number of roomers allowed is not needed, not wanted, short sighted and counter productive to lowering the cost of homes in a family neighbourhood. 

The current allowed number of four is a fair number which helps both students looking for inexpensive housing and home owners who for various reasons welcome them. While this arrangement is not perfect, and has caused  issues with parking, noise, parties, over working bylaw officers, etc it seems to be more or less working. BUT four is the limit, we are absolutely at the tipping point and increasing the number in any way will cause irreparable harm to 'single family dwelling' zones.

We implore Saanich Council to do the right thing and leave the number of unrelated persons allowed at its current level of four.