Preventing the ban of Gel Blaster in South Australia

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We the Gel Blaster Community are greatly worried about the impending ban on our beloved out door sport in South Australia. We ask those who have to power to null the ban for their support.

As a member of the community, I would like to share some personal beneficial factors about the game which I believed helped me as a person.

Friendship and Fun, I've meet good friends from the skirmishes that I've attended since I started it last February 2020, you see when I have a hard week of work this is how I relax good company and great fun game which is really helps me de-stress.  

Competitiveness and Teamwork, It really brings out the best in everyone as a person specially if you love to work in teams, working together, devising strategies to drive the team into victory is really quite satisfying and could prove to be helpful in real life situations, personally where I work, I lead a team to achieve daily targets and it this game helped me to think fast.

Sportsmanship, accepting defeat should have the same grace and attitude as accepting victory, like all other sports this game encourages that as well. 

Exercise, I used to play a lot of video games and that wasn't really healthy, since I started playing the sport - I started running and ran some more on a weekly basis, by doing so I've built more stamina which again helped me through my line of work.

Discipline, There are strict rules in this game that needs to be followed at all times, you don't follow the rules you get kicked out of the game. Probably one of the most important trait to learn as a citizen. 

Those are just some of the things I reckon that a person could benefit from this sports.


There are also businesses that will be put down If the ban follows through in South Australia and we think about them too, the shop owners and the skirmish battle field owners who are at the moment having it tough because of the COVID 19.

We are indeed a growing community, so once this COVID19 is all over we need all the help we can get to keep our economy up and running so we don't need business closures that's definitely not going to help, what we need is economic growth which I'm sure our community can definitely help. 

Lastly I encourage my fellow gel blaster troops to share this and maybe tell your story about the game that we all love.

All the Best.

Gel Blaster Community South Australia.