Keep Sunday aqua classes at SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre in the morning.

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I’ve been attending aqua classes at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre at Oakland’s Park for about 8 years. They are my absolute favourite! High resistance water activity is a very effective exercise to help maintain flexibility and gain strength.  Sunday is the start of a week for me. 

The Centre is changing the Sunday aqua classes from morning to afternoon. No member consultation has taken place. Three very popular classes starting at 7:45 am with a conservative estimate of 30 in each class. 

Sundays are family and relaxation days. Start the day with effective exercise, then relax with friends and family. 

This change will effect around 90 people straight up. It does not make sense. 

I find it very disappointing that a Centre with such a great local and international reputation for fitness, not to mention one of the best international competition swimming pools, not to consider the needs of their very faithful members. 

Please share this with friends, family and the wider Adelaide community. Don’t change Sunday aqua times. Keep Sunday afternoons free.