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Petitioning Patrick Fox, the Executive Directo S.P.C.A of North Brevard

S.P.C.A of North Brevard: Remove SeaWorld/Aquatica tickets from your silent auction fundraiser

The ASPCA is opposed to the exhibition and display of large marine mammals in commercial venues or theme parks, and is strongly opposed to taking marine mammals from the wild for this purpose. The ASPCA does not believe it is possible to meet the complex physical, behavioral and social needs of these animals in captivity. The ASPCA does not support “swim with” programs for any purpose if the marine mammals are confined or restricted in any way.

After contacting the S.P.C.A. North Brevard to express my concerns about supporting big businesses who keep marine mammals soley in the name of profit, and offered to help offset the potential loss of funds by drumming up donations myself, which I have had success in doing in the past. The response they gave me was hypocrital to the organization name they mimmick, but do not claim to be directly related to.

While I love supporting homeless and unwanted pets and would like to see a ton of money raised at the fundraiser, I am certain that it should not be at the exploitation of other animals. 

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