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Justice before Rape!! Kuki izzat badi Chiz hoti h! Prevent rape !! Stop eve teasing!!

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Article 376 � -Punishment for rape in India
One time rape - 7 years or imprisonment for life
Two time rape - imprisonment for life or death
Gang rape - 20 yrs jail time or imprisonment for life
Rape causes death of the girl - Death

This is literally a joke� � These punishments will not stop such pyscopaths who are not even sparing kids! 
Log murder krte h choot jate h
Rape hta h case Daba dia jata h

If you will ask all the women of this country or the loved ones of the girls who have raped by the pervert men of this country, their answer will be -

Aise crimes ki aisi punishment chaiye jo smjhaye in logo ko ki suffering kya hoti h -
Blind these culprits or cut their penis!
Then leave them back in this world to suffer!!
And I believe this rage is within all of us because one day ye rapists Hmare Ghr me bahar Tak b Ajaynge and due to this ignorant behaviour we will lose the battle against them.

Such people need to understand what a girl suffer through because of their doings!!  �

The worst thing is that our country has more incest rapes (Rape within a family i.e. rape by husband or cousin or uncle) happening. Is that what a family is for? 

I feel we have the right to demand a severe punishment against these psychopaths but I also believe that we all have to introspect and make ourselves a better human being first in order to make this society better.  Because believe it or not you all belong to this society and you have to contribute your part in it. We cannot leave this country because India is OUR country. It does not belong to these rapists.

If there is PROPER LAW AND ORDER in this country then we can prevent such HEINOUS crimes from happening. I trust in the army and I DO HAVE TRUST IN THE POLICE FORCE!!

First of all we need section 376 to amend and the parliament needs to bring in a strict punishment for these pyscopaths! 

Secondly we need safety so that we can roam freely even at night times and in lonely streets too! We need continuous patrolling of police in every area! Start from controlling the Eve teasers or stalkers or molesters then people will stop there.  We get harassed more by those who keeps on undermining the law!

Eve teasing molestation and stalking par rok lgegi to rape Tak baat Kse aygi!! 

You talk about making a better life for yourself, first make the best version of yourself. Teach the men to respect a girl and protect them!  If you protect my sister in need some day some one will do the same for you and you will believe in humanity again.  But this circle has to start from somewhere.

Because No single person even bother to take a stand for a girl when boys are eve teasing them or they are being stalked. In nirbhaya case the tragedy was the girl and the boy were lying nude on a road and people just ignored them instead of helping them!


Delhi,  Haryana, Rajasthan and UP have become the state of rapists now. India is not the place we can live in anymore. We are ordinary people, we make ourselves better to live a good life.

So this is to all the government officials and ministers and police officers, please do take action, protect our sisters mothers our loved ones  and make this country a better place for us.

Stop rape eve teasing and stalking by taking preventive actions against them!

Put CCTVs, more patrolling of police and full authority to them for the protection of law from those who try to undermine it! 

I started this petition as an awareness program to bring a change in the mindset of the people for the safety of the girls because they are also someone's daughter or sister or mother or wife! It is for the safety of all the girls! 

Save our sisters our family !! We all atleast have one! 

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